The COVID-19 pandemic created a challenging situation for a small community in a suburban area. Local businesses were struggling to stay afloat, and residents were struggling to find the goods and services they needed to survive. The community leaders realized they needed to take action to support their community during these difficult times.


The community leaders turned to DigiSparc for digital marketing activity and awareness programs via all digital platforms. DigiSparc collaborated with local NGO’s developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that focused on promoting local awareness and various initiatives of the New South Wales government in curtailing the virus.

During testing times (2020-2022), when the world was struck with COVID-19, DigiSparc and the Indian Support Center (ISC) teamed up for the good cause of humanity. DigiSparc created various digital marketing programs to create, awareness among the community about this virus, stop reducing the spread of the virus, and various guidelines to be followed for isolation while being affected by the virus.

Extensive resources from the Health Portals published by both State and Federal Government levels were used in DigiSparc digital marketing campaigns. DigiSparc took this relationship with ISC to a new level of partnership.

DigiSparc became the only Digital Marketing wing that extensively optimized channels of Facebook, and Google platforms for the community by following/adhering to the government-laid policies, and spread effectively the right message in the right channels and to the right people to curtail the spread of the virus that was harming the Australian society.

DigiSparc focussed on NSW, Sydney region for its digital marketing program. Through assistance from DigiSparc, ISC successfully delivered two major programs – Empowering and Supporting Local Communities Phase I and II under New South Wales,